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Day 23 - Love Always Protects

Day 23 - Love Always Protects

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    Day 23—Love Always Protects


    “Remove anything that is hindering your relationship, any addiction or influence that's stealing your affections and turning your heart away from your spouse.”


    I was reading through this chapter and was easily pinpointing all of my husband’s “enemies” in our marriage, but was humbly reminded that this journey is not about my husband, so this dare is not to focus on him, but on me and my walk with Christ. With that said, these are areas that I need to continue to put my armor on for—


    Harmful influences (certain habits that drain time from spouse/family)—

    Television would definitely fall under this category for me, however a couple months back I had the random desire to get rid of our DVR player and reduce our cable to just basic. I now only watch two-three hours of television a week. That is shockingly less than what I used to watch (2-3 hours a day!)  I now see the blessing in this decision that I do not think ultimately was mine, but God prompting me to do it. The internet is my other influence that is harmful because of the time it can consume. I have slowly reduced this in order to create more margin for my personal time with God.


    Unhealthy relationships (friendships that undermine your marriage and/or opposite-sex relationships that draw you away emotionally)—

    Obviously I had an unhealthy relationship with a guy friend where boundaries were unfortunately crossed. Communication has seized.


    Shame (speaking negatively about your spouse in public)—

    Plain and simple - this is an area I really need to work on.


    Parasites (anything that latches on you or your spouse that sucks the life out of your marriage usually in the form of an addiction)—

    What typically comes to mind when thinking about this area is perhaps gambling, pornography, alcohol, drugs, etc. My parasite, however, is none of those things, but rather an addiction to perfection. Perfection, which can never be reached easily sucks the life out of a marriage. Through this journey, this is one area I can see changing the most in myself. I still have a LONG way to go with it, but at least I know it can happen with Christ working in me.


    The chapter also talks about the roles of wives and husbands. “The wife has a role as protector in your marriage. You must guard your heart from being led away through novels, magazines, and other forms of entertainment [Jenn inserts movies and music here] that blur your perception of reality and put unfair expectations on your husband. ‘The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish tears it down with her own hands’ (Proverbs 14:1).” Speaking for myself, fantasy love is everywhere I turn making me easily covet a romance that cannot be found in the flesh, but only in God’s unconditional love for us.


    Each day I am humbled, strengthened, awed, hopeful, and filled with more love, patience, and grace. Only one MAN can do that in its truest form!

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