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Re: Day 63 - Love Always Protects

Day 63 - Love Always Protects

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  • One of the reasons I turned away from my husband for so long was because he spent so much time at home on the couch.  I like to go out and do things… keep our daughter occupied so I don’t have to play games with her at home.  I let the resentment just keep building up about it every time he wouldn’t want to do what I wanted to do.  That one thing really turned me away from him, and my constantly being away from home turned his heart away from me. 

    After our long day at the theme park together yesterday, my husband was ready for some quiet time.  Our daughter wanted to go to the pool, so I took her to the pool for the day and we left my husband at home.  Before, I would take our daughter to get lunch (just the two of us) and we would do our own thing for the entire day.  This time, I invited my husband to get lunch with us, and he agreed.  After our pool time, we all went grocery shopping as a family. 

    We got home in time for me to go to praise band rehearsal, which I left a little early so he could spend some time with a friend of his.  I can see where we traded back and forth throughout the day.  Both of us doing what worked best for the other to do what needed to be done.  I was disappointed that he didn’t go to the pool with us, but not resentful.  I was thankful that he was able to spend some time with his friend.  I’m comforted knowing that he is strengthening the friendship with another male who is happily married. 

    During the middle of the day, when I was really worn out after the pool, I felt pretty weak in my stand.  My husband took a phone call from a friend of his, and I had to go out on the porch, where it was quiet, and just pray.  I felt that I really needed the strength.  I needed to remind myself that I’m not standing for my marriage because I’m weak, but I’m standing because I’m strong in the Lord.  I’m doing what I’m called to do.  I felt so much stronger after those few minutes.  It was after praying that we went to the grocery store.  While there, my husband came up behind me and touched my ribs… he never touches me anymore.  Before leaving for his friend’s house, he even gave a quick kiss.  It was the first kiss in 8 weeks. 

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