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Day 23

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  • This has been the toughest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life.  I struggle to make it through each day.  Each day I want to give up, but something keeps me going.

    Well today has been the toughest.  While helping out, I’ve came across something that leads me to believe my wife is having an affair.  I’ve suspected this for some time, even before I started this love dare.  But I’ve always believed the best in her.  This is too much though.  I want to confront her, but am conflicted.  What do I do?

    FYI, my story is almost identical to the movie up to this point.

  • Need more details... And you need to post daily about your dares. It will give a much better idea of how you are doing

  • Do I put all these details in my journal?  If I do will you have access to read?

  • I've already removed everything, like chewing.  Because that was always a major thing for her.  She wanted me to quite.  Earlier in the day I felt like I had a major breakthrough with my relationship with God.  While struggling with thoughts that did not believe the best in my spouse, I turned to my bible, praise, worship, and prayer.  I ended upreading Matthew 22, 23, and 24.  I just felt overwhelmed with love and that everything was going to be ok.

    Even after it seemed like we had a good day, because we talked and laughed just having great conversation, better than I can ever remember.  (and this is important to her).  However, that night she was going to meet with a friend that was having trouble.  She left around 7pm and around 1030 I called her to see if she was ok and to let her know that I was going to bed.  She didn't answer.  But at 1115 she called me to let me know she'd be home soon.  Around 3 am she still was not home.  Finally at 430 am she called me to let me know she was sorry and that she had left her phone in the car.  I asked her why she didn't just tell me she was going to the bar and wouldn't be home until late. She went to see the guy I suspected her of having an affair with to watch play in his band.  The show supposedly ended at 2 am, but she stayed out till 430 am.

  • Yes I can read the journal... And having her call when she is home is that a control issue? Now really think about it...

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