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  • Well today's dare has quite a punch to it.

    I've been part of 12 step groups for a few years now.  In the last few months though, I've realised that I'm as addicted to different things as much as anyone else is.  Whether it's food, over-exercising, having a drink, computer usage etc.  

    For today I released my compulsions to stay on the computer longer than necessary, to eat more than what was necessary, to tidy up when my children wanted me to watch a movie with them and  watched what came out of my mouth.  I also haven't tried to call my husband, even though he hasn't called for a couple of nights now.  He could still be working where the phone range is terrible.  It's hard though, especially when we can see when he hops on the internet.  So he's obviously not working and not contacting us either.

    When I release my compulsions, God's guidance comes through a lot louder, clearer.  I feel a lot more settled and not so anxious.  Hopefully this will have a calmer effect on my marriage whether  my husband's home or away.  I know I have to watch my urge to snoop through his things when he does come home.  It doesn't do me any good, it just makes me more anxious.  I've just got to leave him with God.

  • That is it exactly. When you want to snoop you are taking control. And always remember..

    BE STILL, for I am GOD.

    That means God will take it on whatever it is.

  • That really is hard to do.  I realise my way has not worked for me at all.

    I feel so open and vulnerable though.  Which is a good way to be really.  Its like Im flat on the floor again.

    Thank you for the reminder Sean.

  • It is hard, but it's trusting Christ and realizing that the world is not the way

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