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Re: hope through obedience...

hope through obedience...

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  • I saw that I spend too much time excercising.
     I also use up time on the computer doing  things that I want to do.
    I realised that I already plan how my time will be spent with out considering that I might need to just be available to my spouse.
    I can see where God was comming from  with this when my spouse is around.
    what is hard is when I plan to make time for him and thats the time when he does not come home.
    When ever he is home, I want to cram in all the things that I would have liked us to be doing in a few hours of the evening. This stresses him out because I am sure all he wants to do is relax, but I as for me, its like , I only have this chance to be with you and I want to show you that I can be fun too.
    Basically, I think it is a dieing to self thing where when ever he at home, I should not extend the 20 minute exercise to 40 minutes. I should not serve dinner, then black out on my lap top.
    I should do what I need to do for me, but also make myself available to him so that he can see that there is an incentive to being home and that we can spend time together doing what he would like to do.
    Spouse is the sort of person who would not interupt me if I was working out or on the laptop.
    I hope that by being obedient to God and removing these obstacles, will make way for new discoveries in the time that we would now have. I hope that in me, it will just contiue to teach me to be obedient and that I can see the benefits of obeying God so that I have more faith in other areas of my life.
  • By removing the selfishness of doing what you want to do in the limited time you have, be one with your spouse and relax with him with no other things on the agenda other than just being with him. And when he is not around start putting more margin in your life for Christ...

  • I agree

  • Praise God

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