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Re: Day 23: Baby steps

Day 23: Baby steps

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  • How did I know you would say that and remind me of that scripture?  :-)

    I love the verse....WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.  that's what I've been hanging on to each and every day.  

    Yes there is no guarantee about his fidelity and faithfulness.  GOD will need to take care of that with him.  What's best for me is to focus on this walk with Christ so I can be equipped for anything and everything that life throws my way.  

    Of course many times I feel like giving up would be the easier and less painful solution BUT then I hear GOD's voice telling me there is something he wants me to learn from all this and I can't deny that.  That's a very powerful statement you said about "imagine the blessings that would come from the Lord if you stay and forgive"   I must forgive my husband so that GOD can forgive me of my many sins.  NO matter what he has done I must forgive him.   GOD doesn't deny me of forgiveness.  

    I pray to GOD for my husband's salvation and for GOD's will in his life.  

    I'm trying each and every day to trust Christ and turn my burdens over to him.  I hope I can get to the point where i can do it completely and unconditionally.  I feel like I'm making progress each and every day with that.  I feel like I'm so close.  

  • You are making progress... Dont worry so much about that. Worry about accepting Gods will in your life.

    You said "  I must forgive my husband so that GOD can forgive me of my many sins." God has forgiven you if you confessed to Him and repented.

    His love is Unconditional.

  • I think I've gotten caught up lately on scriptures about how we must forgive others so GOD will forgive us.  I know only GOD loves me unconditionally and gives me a love beyond measure and reason and anything else.  I am learning how to love my husband unconditionally everyday.   Do I hope he will do the same for me? SURE but I'm not doing this expecting him to do it in return because I know I have GOD's love to fulfill my every need.  Would it be a blessing? You bet.  But I can't worry about him.  I just have to hand him over to GOD so GOD can take care of him.  

  • your husband will see your testimony.... And he will learn from it!

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