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Day 23

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  • I'm having difficulty in trusting my spouse.  I feel so exposed yet she shares nothing.  So the only truth in our relationship at this time is God's will.  I have to give her unconditional trust.  Quit approaching things as if there has been a transfer of affection.  Quit looking for proof of the bad things.

    This is about me an my walk in truth.  I will have faith in God and faith in pure intentions.  I will quit expressing my worldly voice of "I know it's over" to "Thy will be done".  I feel so exposed, frightened and hurt.  I have gotten in the habit of daily expressing "Evil you are not welcome in this house - this house belongs to God".

    My children from a previous marriage have also become part of the process.  I need to find margin to continue tough love where needed and not feel guilty.

    I find myself asking if the hurt ever stops, my heart aches........ It would be so much easier to walk away.  Jesus give me strength.

  • The hurt does stop. But only when you find Christ and give it up to Him. He will comfort you and fill every void you have.

    Trusting Christ is so hard for us. We have lived our whole lives in this world and learning its ways. We followed our hearts, and it has deceived us every single time. To change that it will take trusting In Christ. But I promise if you take the time and seek Him  out, it will change....

  • I'm new to this site and as I read your post I can't help but reflect on my on my own feelings. I can completely relate! My husband is attending marriage counseling with me, (our second session was last night) but the words he spoke last night hurt me deeply. I have been honest and have put all my feelings out for him, I love him without expecting love in return but it is without a doubt the most difficult thing to do, especially when you feel completely alone in the process. What we must do is continue to love them as Christ loves us and realize that we can only change ourselves. With Gods will perhaps a miracle will touch us both. You are in my prayers.

  • Connie,

    The difficulty in those situations believe it or not, comes down to selfishness. But when you focus and trust in Christ, that selfishness, becomes selfless.

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