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Re: Round 2 - Day 63

Round 2 - Day 63

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  • After the first round of the Love Dare I decided to get rid of all the reality television shows that I had been watching that helped me put unfair expectations on my husband. I chose to no longer Facebook or be on the internet at all when my husband is home. I chose to not discuss mine and my husband’s relationship with people that will not support me in the decision to fight for my marriage. I also chose to not speak negatively about him. I have decided to not coach cheerleading next year because it is extremely time consuming and took a lot of my time away from my husband. Now, the second time around, I see how much more time I have for God and my husband. Getting rid of these unneeded things in my life has really opened up a lot of time for me to read the word, pray, read other Christian books, and get involved in church. It is funny, all of these things that I felt I needed or wanted, mean nothing to me now. It is great to know that I have replaced these things with God. There are still some things that I can get rid of the second time around. I pray that God reveals these to me so I can continue to protect myself, husband, and marriage.

  • Margin is so important. But getting out to be a testimony is as well...

    As you focus on Christ and your journey, He will reveal those things to you. Most importantly is surrounding yourself with people in the word as well in the things you do.

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