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Day 23: Love Always Protects

The Love Dare

Today's Dare

Remove anything that is hindering your relationship, any addiction or influence that's stealing your affections and turning your heart away from your spouse.

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  • Mollykay's journal

    Day 23

    Like most people I deleted everything right off the bat after he told me what I was doing or what I felt got in our way. About a month ago I logged back...
  • Lynn's journal

    Same Old Stuff - Day 23

    Did I really comment about getting some genuine affection from him soon just yesterday? Wow. What a day this has been. First for the dare - I really prayed...
  • 2Hearts1Soul's journal


    I deactivated my facebook. Not deleted, but deactivated. When I was trying to figure out how to do it at 6:30 this morninh... my husband came in and said...
  • 2Hearts1Soul's journal

    Day 23-addiction

    I knew this dare was coming uo, because of the movie. I have been thinking about it for the last week or so. My whole life is wrapped up in my husband...
  • dlwhitlock's journal

    Day 23

    Day 23 Love always protects... Day 23 was yesterday. I started the day thanking God. I wasn't able to read day 23 until later in the afternoon because...
  • Jara's journal

    Day 23, Love always Protects

    The day she said she didn't want to continue our relationship was the day I removed what was hindering it. I had been working in it but that day just...
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