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Day 23: Love Always Protects

The Love Dare

Today's Dare

Remove anything that is hindering your relationship, any addiction or influence that's stealing your affections and turning your heart away from your spouse.

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  • Eddie's journal

    Day 23

    Weekend update. Thursday my wife asked me to take her car to the shop to get it looked at because it was acting funny. I haven't driven the car for...
  • Jadenyc7's journal

    Love always protect R3

    The past days has been good..I have refrained from texting her like im stalking her..Just trusted her and gave her space..I did text her last night coz...
  • Peggy O. journal

    Day 23 Love Always Protects

    The LoveDare talked about responsibilities outside the home. I would need to sit down and discuss with my husband (after our reconciliation, of course...
  • Determined2017's journal

    R3D23 Removing what hinders

    Remove anything that is hindering your relationship. I know that today's dare deals mainly with addictions and outside influences. But this morning...
  • dpowell16's journal

    Day 23

    Today has been a good day! I had to really pray through the challenge and let God show me what I need to remove. I have to work on cleaning.... Well, on...
  • Jadenyc7's journal

    Protecting and saving the marriage

    Well, day 23 is letting go of everything that is a hindrance to our marriage..FB is not a big influence really..I look at it but I dont spend a lot of...
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