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I am new to this site-

I am new to this site-

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  • day 22 I thought he was coming around  was showing signs of caring and true tenderness then pulls away and runs back to this other person, he says he has no faith left that we can ever work things out and he cant be happy with me  and the only way he can be happy is with someone new, I am in counseling with a christian counselor and I have been for 5 weeks now, I take responsibility for all my own bad attitudes and behaviors and he says he has seen a change in me , but it's more that he just feels sorry for as I am broken hearted as  it was was too little too late on my part and he doesn't want to  give us a real chance, I flipped out and went back to every needy controlling ugly way last night when I learned he was out with her, I thought we had made progress from Friday to Tuesday and I lost it when I found out we really hadn't ....

  • This is a tough situation. And I have been there. In such a way that I am certain there was less hope than anyone has ever had. But you need to understand. This dare is a journey. Not between you and your spouse, but you and Christ. Just as, your counselor being a christian, that does not mean anything if you cannot see Gods will through them.

    How much have you trusted Christ in each and every dare? How many dares have you manipulated to do it yr way? These are not pokes at you, please do not look at it that way. These are accountability statements. Because you have the desire to do these dares and grow in Christ and be a testimony to your spouse. Christ is never late my friend. Never!

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