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Day 22 - Progress not Perfection

Day 22 - Progress not Perfection

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  • As my husband works away a lot and is frequently out of range, I normally send him a text each morning letting him know I love him.  Which I truly do.


    Where my problem lies is with my mum.  She was and still is my main abuser.  Right from when we were little, we were nothing more than f***** little b******

    We had that screamed at us even after going to church.  I mean even the pastors would come up and have a beer with her on occasions.  What the???  Yes I do struggle with feeling love towards her.

    Then I also have neighbors who were so-called friends who abused one of our children.  It is very hard to feel love towards them.  I have confronted them, even belted one of them, yelled obscenities at him, then finally spoke with him after seeing how pittiful and ashamed he looked.  There's a sense of peace with me now but I wouldn't say love.  One day I was even able to give a small wave hello.  Maybe, I guess that's what they say progress not perfection.


  • Seek Christ in these situations. Because we are to honor thy father and mother...

  • I know Sean.  That's what makes it so hard.  If it's anyone else, it's a bit easier to take but when it's your Mum....  I mean they're meaned to love you no matter what.  Anyway I've always said, I've learned what not to do, by watching my Mum.

    From reading here I know I'm meaned to treat them the same as if they were my husband.  I read somewhere that the more venom they spit, the more love we show them.  

  • Seek through Christ the path that is right

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