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Day 22 - Love is Faithful

Day 22 - Love is Faithful

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  • I completed this dare two days ago without realizing that it was coming up.  The morning that I was going out of town, I left a card and a movie for my husband that said those same words. 

    One of my husband’s issues with me has always been that I spend too much time away from home.  I had mixed feelings about going away for two days because of that, so I wanted to leave him something that let him know I would be thinking about him and us while I was gone.

    I don’t believe that it went over too well, but I didn’t have any expectations about it.  He didn’t message me at all that day, and we usually have some back and forth messaging throughout the day.  I just did what I said I’d do and let him know when we arrived at his aunt’s house and emailed him pictures of the kids playing.  I did talk to him on the phone that night, but only for a few minutes.  I initiated the end of the call, and chose to enjoy the time with family and not worry about whether or not my words in the card affected him in any way.

    Was I taking back control by not doing the dare on the day that it was specified?  I don’t really think so.  I believe that Christ gave me those words at the time He wanted my husband to see them.  My husband likes to think things through when he’s alone, and this gave Christ a chance to work on him through my words while I was away.

  • That is a question you need to pray about. Seek out Chirsts will in that and each thing daily. When you do you never can go wrong.

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