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Re: Day 22 ex bf

Day 22 ex bf

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  • Today's dare was to let my ex know that my love for him is a choice not just a feeling. So I let him know that it was nice to see him and actually talk in person as I cut his and his sons hair last night. We had a good visit and he got a koozie and product from me free of charge. I got my hug and that was nice as I realized how much I still love him. So I told him today that I didn't regret that I held him a little long as I didn't want to let go and that it didn't matter what he did that I love him and I will never stop loving him.

    This love I realized was only possible with God's love in me as like I said I keep getting rejection after rejection but until I know what that feels like I will never learn how to love my ex through it like God loves me. It's a lot easier with God's presence in me to love my ex even when its only me showing and giving love as in the past I would have walked away and been selfish. I'm seeing the change in me and I'm learning how to truly lean on God cause this is not easy.

  • I can relate to so much of what you have said. This is exactly how I feel sometimes.

  • Welcome Stephanie.  You may not have noticed, but this part of the site is not often read.  (This entry you replied to is from a year ago.  If you would like to journal or reply to current entries, go to the link The Community, and click on it then click on The Love Dare Journal section.

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