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Re: My Love Dare Day 22

My Love Dare Day 22

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  • I don't love you period or even exclamation point because both of those signify a summation or completion of a feeling and I'm sorry to say that's not what I have.  My love for you can only be expressed with an , it's not found on the iphone keyboard or in the emoji section, it's not found in a feeling or emotion, the place it's found is in my heart, mind, and soul. So for today's love dare I will start with telling you in a text, then I will tell you tonight, then I will tell you every day of our lives together,,,

                      I LOVE YOU ∞

  • It's good to love your wife the way you do.  Not saying you don't, but just make sure you love God infinity times two.  Make sure you have Him in first place, and your wife in second.

    i would recommend writing in the journal section, under the community link.  You will get more responses there.  


  • We must be careful. What we believe love is without having Christ is not love. It may be an infatuation, but Christ is love and without Him we cannot have it. The worlds definition of love is not what the real love in Christ is.

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