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Re: Love Dare 22

Love Dare 22

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  • This is the dare that i did today.

    I tried to call but no answer and i couldnt leave a voicemail cause his mailbox was full.

    So i resulted to a text. It felt good to say it. I have been telling my husband this since the start. 

    I am hoping to get a chance to tell him again in person.

    I have made a commitment to do this from the beginning but telling my husband and the way my love has changed up to this point is a lot different.

    I know before i couldnt have loved him like this before.

    Its amazing what God can do to your heart when you let him.

    I feel free to love to truly love my husband no matter what




  • And having no expectations is a huge part of Christ comforting you through it all.

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