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Re: Day 62 - Love is Faithful

Day 62 - Love is Faithful

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  • My husband and I took our daughter to a local theme park for the day.  It was definitely a day to practice patience.  We get a season pass every year, but it’s usually just our daughter and I that go all summer.  My husband will go once a year with us, but doesn’t really enjoy the slow 6 year old’s pace.  Our daughter just likes to look in the shops and play games between riding a ride here and there. 

    We shared the day well.  We would do a couple of family rides, and then he and I would trade off so someone would do something with our daughter, and the other would ride a bigger ride.  There was a little impatience in the middle of the day, but we all got through it.  We talked about it, and everyone agreed on where we were and what would happen next in the day.  During a few minutes away from my husband, our daughter and I talked about some of the things that make Daddy impatient in a situation like this, and she agreed to not do those things while we were there.  She remained very aware of her actions for most of the day.

    On our way home, we stopped for dinner and all had milkshakes with our dinner.  My husband and I both ordered banana milkshakes and had a laugh about them.  We had banana milkshakes on our honeymoon and now order them whenever we’re given the chance. 

    We weren’t physically close during the day, but I did take a couple of opportunities just to touch him on the back while he was in front of us on a ride, and got as close to him as possible. 

    I gave praise for the time given to me to just enjoy my family.  Before I went up to bed, I let my husband know just how much I enjoyed the day and that I loved him.  Praise God for these simple days that I used to take for granted.

  • Praise is the most important part of each day

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