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Re: Faithfulness of Jesus vs my flesh.

Faithfulness of Jesus vs my flesh.

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  • This love is impossible because we are selfish.

    All through the dares I have had ups and downs where I feel I can give freely, then on other days I feel like its not fair to give so much.

    I think the only way to even stay focused is to think of Jesus. With out Jesus, it will not work.

    When I consider Jesus, Itn makes it bearable. It makes loving like Him bearable.

    I just feel that I can do  it because of Him and it really is a conscience effort to  make myself dedicate all the little strength that I have to follow after Christ.

    There are so  may scriptures like, I can do all things through Chris that come to mind.

    Also, where all things are possible to them that believe.

    Even not having Faith, Jesus can help our unbelief and still be faithful when we are faithless.

    I am encouraged to come before the Lord and say I am willing, please help me sustain this and do it Your way.

    I really love the Lord but the flesh just does not want to follow.

    and Jesus even said that no greater love is there than for one to lay his life down for a freind, I see this life being my life that the true test of love for christ is how willing I am to lay down my "life" for Him. This is the only measure that the Lord is looking on to me with and that is such a deep revelation of His standards and how they are not like our own or our ways are not His Ways.

    I am trying daily, to live is truth according to His ways and love Him the way he inerprets love, I am trying, I am believing, I am following, I am trusting, Faith with out works is dead.

  • Yes it is hard to fight flesh. You have lived by the flesh all your life. But when you commit to trusting Christ you seek His will and not your own. He will comfort you when those moments arise. Praise Him for all that He brings to you even the humbling moments.

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