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Day 22

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  • Today has been a great day! I feel so close to the Lord. When I first started this journey I didnt know where it was going to end up. I have prayed a lot since day 1 and I know God has answered my prayers and is still working on myself. I feel much closer with my husband today then I have for the past 2 weeks. At the beginning we would fight everyday and would bring up devorce. Now, we constantly say I love you, we have learned to communicate more and have days without fighting. I definitely see a different not only with myself but my husband also. I know its because Im closer with Christ. Its an amazing feeling! :)

  • And it's one that you must build on. Try devotions, reading the a Bible and even church.

  • We read the devotional together everynight and I also read a couple chapters in the Bible almost everyday. We are in the process of moving but once we are settled we plan on going to church too.

  • Growing in Christ is important. Especially to find the oneness in marriage.

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