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Love Dare 21

Love Dare 21

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  • I have been doing this for the past couple of days. Reading about his promises and the love he has for me has given me more hope and positivity in my situation. 

    I have been spending more time with God in morning and night. Throughout the day I ask God if what I am doing is pleasing to him. Even my attitude. 

    I find myself talking to him more and throughout the day. He is the only one that I can talk to right now that is on my side.

    I feel closer to HIm than i did before, like i am never alone.

    He has given me strength through this and I feel that no matter what happens, God will be with me always.

  • Once you ask Him into your life He will never leave you. If you slide away, He will allow you to mess it up your way, but is always there to comfort us.

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