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DAY 21: Prayerful

DAY 21: Prayerful

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  • Today was pretty good.  A lot going on but a blessed day because I heard a great message in church today and was able to visit with a friend who will be having surgery this morning.  Was a very busy day and there were some minor hiccups with a little arguing.  I turned to Christ intentionally several times when I was getting upset with my husband and I knew I had to go into the bedroom otherwise it would turn into something ugly.  I made time to pray and read Proverbs.  It blessed me with some peace and comfort.  The evening didn't end so great because my husband had to go to work and didn't let me know how late he was going to be.  We were texting and then he stopped and didnt' reply or answer the phone when I called.  He knows it makes me anxious and crazy when he doesn't answer the phone because in the past he was with the other woman those times.  So then when he does finally answer I go off because I have already been working myself up and automatically go to that response.   I should have went to the bedroom locked myself in there and just prayed and read the scripture again.  When will I ever learn?  I know I have been like this my whole life so it will take some time to change this behavior.  SO I know he is tired and states is mind and body are just blown.  It's sad to see him like this.  It's sad we are in this situation but at the same time we needed to get here so I could be on this journey with Christ and learn to love unconditionally.  I wish I could let go of everything completely and trust GOD with all my heard and mind and soul.  I know I am taking steps everyday to do this.  Hopefully they will become more and more frequent and become my natural response. 

  • Each time you put yourself in these positions, Christ humbles you more and more. But again, in each situation you need to compare with your relationship with Christ. Because in these times that your husband ignores you, it is exactly when you ignore Christ and get yourself all worked up.

  • Ok Thanks Sean.  I will definitely keep that in mind.  How my husband treats me reaction and then how I react towards Christ.  If I turn to CHRIST in those moments and rely on him for everything or turn away from him.  I think I got it.  Just want to make sure I understand what you are saying.  

  • Yes but keep in mind, Christ is exposing your relationship with Him (Christ) at the same time

    This is the first relationship. Remember He first loved us!

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