I decided to read the book of Psalms because it says that its good when you need encouragement, instruction, or comfort. I believe right now I need all of this as I pray that God change me and mold me to His will. I have seen the changes in me since I've started this and I believe I can only become a better person and maybe help lead others to know God better by living a life as a witness of how God has changed me. This really helps me to stop and think about my feelings before reacting and I also am aware when I'm about to do or say something I shouldn't. I'm hearing God's discernment more than I ever have and hear His kind loving words more easily when He speaks to me. I believe reading just a little bit daily will only grow my relationship with God and others. And as strange as it sounded in the beginning I'm realizing with each day its about my relationship with God not with my ex but when things are right with God He will give me the desires of my heart. I do pray a lot I feel throughout the day and watch Joyce and now I will be reading my bible more but if God feels I'm not doing enough I pray He makes me aware of how I can do better.