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Re: Day 61 - Love is Satisfied in God

Day 61 - Love is Satisfied in God

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  • I have been intentional about my time with God since beginning the LD.  Every morning, I read my dare, then I pray.  I have been praying for my mind to be opened to what God wants me to hear before reading my devotion and Bible readings for the day.  This week, I started reading through Job.  A recent sermon at church was based on Job, as well as a reading posted on the sign for a neighboring church. 

    The day was spent getting everything ready for my daughter for school.  She and I wore ourselves out shopping for clothes and school supplies.  We had a great day, though.  After shopping, we came home and rested for a bit.  I had invited my father in law out for dinner with my daughter and I.  My husband was invited, but he often doesn’t enjoy doing things that weren’t his idea.  I told him early in the week what night we would be going out.  My father in law helps me out a lot with my daughter, and he likes a particular special at a local restaurant that they only run once a year.  I know that it means a lot to him if I treat him to it.

    My husband actually came with us.  He even left work a little early to make sure that he could make it.  We visited about our day a little over dinner, and ate way more than we should have!  I felt that it was a really nice evening.  My husband complained after dinner that he would never do that again, due to his dad’s impatience with the service.  I just let it go.  Prayed, again, for Christ to calm the anger in him.   

  • Your patience will be a testimony to your husband..don't worry about it.

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