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Re: A Peace that surpasses understanding...

A Peace that surpasses understanding...

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  • This was what I asked the Lord to give me on Day 20.

    come day 21 and He really showed me what this means.

    Spouse sleeps out again, no way of contacting him... too much detail to get into right now.

    any way, he got home yesterday and told me that he had fallen out with his drinking freind and that he spent the night in jail because his freind dragged him out of his house while he was drunk and left him at the door step.

    A neighbour took spouse in and offered to drive him home but spouse decided to walk home.

    He is on the other side of town.

    Its late and police pick him up and take him in for safety so that he is not wandering the streets at night.

    now whether this is all true, only the Lord knows but I had a peace that surpassed understanding through it all.

    I am not exagerating, I just had peace and I could find my self, asking myself what was going on but I really felt content with my self, inspite of all that had happened.

    Infact, spouse was the one that was so troubles I actually felt sorry for  him.

      well on to the dare: I think spending more time in the word just makes me feel like there is more to life than what I am facing at the moment.
    I got calls from 3 people, all telling me that the Lord would have me pray more as well as do some fasting.
    I know that the Lord desires for me to get closer to Him.
    Ask and you shall receieve!
  • Knock and it shall be opened!

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