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Love Dare 20

Love Dare 20

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  •  I didnt do the dares all on the same day lol i just dont have much time to post on some days.

    I am daring to take God at his word. I am renewing my commitment to Him. 

    He has shown me that everything is possible with him. All i need is HIm.

    Looking at life with eyes of love instead of the eyes of the world. Everything is in a different light, a positive light.

    Even when I keep getting rejected I still choose love. I dont cry or get upset, I return it with love.

    I feel really good about this. I feel a renewed strength. 

    Now I am ready to live the dare and not be half in like i was before.

  • This is Christ working... And when you leave burdens at His feet, He takes care of it and of you.

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