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Day 21. I finally got it!

Day 21. I finally got it!

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  • Read the dare. Prayed on it. Didn’t know what to expect. In the morning I got ready for work and text the kids to say good morning. While at work I prayed about the dare and God answered.

    My wife has the kids and she was working. Our oldest daughter(15yrs) text me about going to movies with her friends. I told her to check with her mom and if she need a ride I work take her after work. My daughter replied back,” never mind”. So I asked what was wrong. She told me,” mom said I could go to movies but dad can not take you”. This hurt. So I prayed again. I sent my wife a text asking if she said that to our daughter, she said,”no”. But why would my daughter make that up? I then sent her a text saying that it wasn’t right to punish our daughter for our mistakes. I ended the message with,” After praying, I realized that I can no longer worry about you. I will pray for you, I will love you even if you don’t love me, but I have to focus on God and my relationship with him”.  She responded that I should stop playing games.  I didn’t reply. On my way home from work I asked my daughter to ask her mom again about the movies. My daughter text back,” mom said it’s ok if you take me”. 

    I didn’t think the dare was working until that moment. I realized that I let God worry and guide me. I stayed calm and most importantly I released myself on my wife’s decision of leaving me and wanting me to  do everything. I felt so much relief. I am not worried about her or if she responds to me or if she tries to get me mad.

    This is the first day that I feel good. Amen. God is love!

  • granehe, doesn't sound like your playing games but it does sound like you wife is blind and lost just like mine.  Pray for them and forgive them, it will set you free.  

  • Mike, are you doing the dares?

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