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Dust237 Day 20: Love Is Jesus Christ

Dust237 Day 20: Love Is Jesus Christ

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  • Love is the greatest and conquers all. This has been the most difficult thing I've ever had to do. The thing that hurts the most about it is when you pour all your love out for someone and recieve nothing in return from them. Not knowing where they are and what they're doing if they're even gonna be there when you wake up in the monring. Each and every day struggling to keep at it feeling like you just can't go on, but for some reason you do.

  • Take a moment and reflect in your past. Think how many times you have went to Christ and He helped you... Now look back and see how many times you have forsaken Him moments after He made everything ok...

    Christ will expose to you many things about your walk with Him through this journey using your wife as the tool. But the blessings are astounding if you are willing to see them!

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