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saving me everyday.

saving me everyday.

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  • Today I have seen that all that I need to love Christ more than I love being married, more than i love my spouse and anything else.

    I have seen that God never stops saving us,but daily we are receiving salvation from various areas of our lives.

    All the while, i thought I was alright, but in the days of doing these dares, i see that God is sending salvation yet again through this so that I can keep Him as my first love, always.

    I see that He wants me to seek Him in every area of my life especially in my marriage because that is the area that I have orchastrated for so long.

    I was asked today whether I wanted to say a prayer for God to give me love for my spouse, i said no and replied that i wanted to pray for God to give me love for Jesus.

    I meant it, i meant every word and even now hours later in the day, i still feel the same way.

  • We do have a jealous God. He must be first in all things in our lives.

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