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2nd Time Day 20

2nd Time Day 20

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  • 5-15-10

    I have already asked God into my life and give him control. I ask him everyday to come into my heart and give me the fruits of his spirit. I am looking to join my new church and I probably will be baptized again to wash the sins from my and signify my new life I have started.

    My wife was here at the house pretty much all day packing some things and I didn't get around her any so I shouldn't have made her uncomfortable. I felt pretty much at ease but I kept myself pretty busy too. I believe I have accepted this and am able to move on with or without her in my life.

    I will let God decide what is next.

  • Otty, Christ has taught you the true meaning and ways to love. It will be like nothing you have ever experienced. God willing, it will be your wife. But no matter what, be excited that you have Christ in your heart and it will be the happiest journey to travel.

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