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  • so this is my first post on this site. I have been staying to the LD since Dec. its the end of Jan now. my wife has more or less left . we have had no real communication for almost 2 months now. I have been reading the LD and following each step, each dare. Everyone of them I have been successful at completing , yet I have gotten no response from my wife. I prayed yesterday and asked god to give me a sign. Or help my wife give me some sort of communication. she showed up to our house with her two kids while I wasn't there and took some things . Her music minor as that may be that was not the sign I wanted. she has yet to take any clothes she has just her necessities. Now this is a situation that I would usually rush home and have a confrontation, with a lot of emotion wanting her to be there and come home and talk etc. but I have not made a big deal out of it I haven't even said anything. I contacted my mentor and asked him to pray for defiantly made me more just confused seeing how she has not talked to me or anything I don't know where I stand. I guess this is part of the journey. maybe for both of us. my head wanders with all kinds of thoughts. what she's doing or who she's with. a lot of questions but I ask god to help me accept the fact that I don't know to guide my heart in the right direction and to keep me strong.

  • Try posting if you can under the community tab, and under that the Love Dare journal link.  You will get more responses there.

    This is a journey between you and Christ, not you and her.  She will be used as a tool to mold you.  You will be humbled as I am sure you have seen in doing the dares.

    Read the appendix, if you haven't, especially about leading the heart.

    Have no expectations of her when doing the dares.  She notices the changes, and things get worse before it gets better.  She in fact may get mad at you now because she is thinking, why wasn't he always like this.  Now he changes for the better?  Or she may be angry because your changes make it harder for her to justify what she is doing.

    Keep Christ way above her, not loving her less, and things become more bearable in Christ.


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