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Re: Day 60 - Love is Jesus Christ

Day 60 - Love is Jesus Christ

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  • This morning went a little different than most mornings.  I usually read my dare while my husband is in the shower and then visit with him a little while he gets ready for work.  I’m on vacation this week, so I slept while he was in the shower.  I have all morning to read my dare, devotions, and Bible readings.  I did still visit with him before he went to work, but then went back to sleep after he left.  I haven’t slept in for months!

    Our daughter and I got up at the same time.  While she watched morning cartoons, I got all of my reading in.  Her two best friends came over for the entire day.  We had nothings planned.  I let the girls take over all of the planning.  They played for hours, then we went to lunch, fed geese, came back home and watched a movie.  The girls were worn out when the day was finished.  Their moms came to pick them up around dinner time.  Our daughter has not gotten as much time with her friends as usual, due to the uncomfortable atmosphere in our house, so she was just thrilled with her day.

    I made dinner for the family and finished the day 18 (day 58) dare.  We had a nice sit down dinner and shared about our day and talked about our dream vacations.

    My husband put our daughter to bed that night, and then we visited for a while and watched TV.  Not much to share about this day.  I’m reminded on these quiet days just how far I have come in the past 2 months.  Not too much has changed in the house.  My husband and I still treat each other the same.  Our relationship hasn’t really changed.  The air of tension seems less, but that could just be my perception of it.  I know that I have no control over the situation.  I can wake up every morning without being afraid that the sky will fall by the end of the day.  If it should fall, I have Christ to lift my up out of the ashes. 


  • Truly you relationship has not changed? Take some time and really think about that... Many times I have seen selfishness cloud the truth. It may not be where you expected or even wanted.... But can you find any true blessing?

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