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Re: There is help!!!!!

There is help!!!!!

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  • Wow!!!!!  These past two days have been hard.  The hardest for me out of all of the dares so far.  I guess the earlier ones came easy, as I've pretty well always been a people pleaser anyway.  Now we're getting down to the nitty gritty stuff for me.

    Today was such a struggle for me.   I could feel both sides battling inside of me.  Meanwhile I wasn't sure which one to listen too.  It was to much.  

    Then just tonight in McDonalds I read a lady's journal sharing how our past has put us where we are, here right now.  Without it I wouldn't have found this book or this lovely site.  Next thing I came upon another journal, sharing if I want to make good choices I just think of what God would do right now.  I also came about the sayings one day at a time (sometimes a minute at a time) and it's progress not perfection.  Well those things I can uphold as I've been using these concepts the last few years with the 12 step groups that's been helping me to heal.  

    May God bless you all for your shares here, as they have been a saving grace to me these past few weeks.

  • Trust Christ in each dare.

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