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Dare 20

Dare 20

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  • Today has been not so good so far... My husband said he wants to see the baby but only if I am not around, normally he would come over and we'd both be in the livingroom with the baby. He said he wants me to leave and does not want to see me, I told him I am not leaving the house but I would go upstairs. He is being very cold and hateful. All because of something he did on Sunday, that I called him out for and now he is trying to turn the tables and make it like I did something wrong, when he is the one who did. He is going to come talk after work, I don't even want to see him I am that sick of him. It hurts to much to see him.. espically when he comes over acting like he is fine and does not care about what is going on. I will pray before he comes and ask for guidance in what to do while he is here. I will try and bite my tongue on certain things but some I cannot as he cannot get away with some of his actions lately, it is not okay. I prayed the dare to god as the dare had dared... This is going to be really hard just focusing on god.

  • Jamie, You need to get to the next level trusting Christ. As you learned earlier in the dares, we have a jealous God. And when you do not put Him first, then we have a problem.

    You need to realize that Christ will never forsake you. He will always get you through. Now based on that your love and praise for Him should reflect that.

    You should feel better off than your spouse. He is in a whirl wind of the flesh which will catch up with him as it did you. You however are on a path with Christ carrying you through.

    Pray about that and the comfort of your heart and mind.  Be the testimony that you can get through anything.

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