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Day 20 Easter

Day 20 Easter

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  • Today I confronted her about her constant texting and why she has been pushing me away so much. She pretty much blew up at me and tore open some healing wounds. She said she still feels the same, that there's nothing left between us, she doesn't love me, and that nothing that I do or say will change that. I asked her why she is staying if she felt so horrible being with me. She finally admitted that she was just too afraid that her parents would be disappointed to tell them what was going on. I told her she had to tell her parents.

    Well, it just so happened that we were having breakfast with them later on. We did end up breaking the news to just seemed so easy for her, like this is no big deal. Her parents could see how hard it's been on me and they've offered their support. So she has decided to leave to go live with them. I expressed to them that I would like to seek some kind of formal reconciliation before finalizing anything. Just seeing her handle this so easily, just makes it so much harder for me.

    I have to keep doing the dares, for me at the very least. I don't find it ironic that today is Easter, more of a message that Christ is still walking with me.

  • Sounds so much like my life right now. My wife makes this so easy to just give up and divorce. She has a meeting with our attorney tonight at 4:00. It was postponed but I found out last night it's back on again. I have just turned it all over to God now. I need to work on me and I'll let him work on her.

    Hang in there and don't quit........

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