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Re: Day 2-Trying to get a grip

Day 2-Trying to get a grip

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  • Lord, thank you so much for Your Word.  I struggle to keep you in focus as I try to get thru this pain, this confusion. 

    Chis and I have been married for 4 months, but together for 5 years.  On January 27 I found an application for an apartment and spoke to him about it.  When he came home that night I was told he took the apartment, that this was bad for him, he felt trapped, he didn't love me anymore and wanted a divorce. 

    Lord, It's been two weeks and I have done all the wrong things in my he fled like a wild animal being let out of a trap, I felt off balance and felt like I was going over a waterfall. I tried to contact me, we talked calmly as he told me about another woman he is there are several.   We have battled when I told him to stop texting.  When he came to pick up his things again he was in a panic to escape...I was in a panic to get questions answered.  I yelled at him and heard his spirit crush under the weight of my words.  He continues to tell he doesn't want to close the door one day, the next it's hopeless. 

    Wednesday 2/8 he said that this will eventually lead to a divorce, I told him I would go ahead and file.  The Love Dare was laid upon my heart on Thursday.  Day one was easy...I called and told him I was worried about him.  That regardless of our situation, and the things that have been said, I still care and whether he liked it or not I will continue to do so...he was stuck with me just as I am stuck with him.  On top of all this on Sunday 2/5 we found out his dad has cancer and only weeks to live. 

    On Thursday I spoke with my deacon on my church he told me to seek what God wants for this marriage.  I am saved, he is not.  He instructed me to ask what God's will is and follow it. He said to give God a marker as a decision maker.  If this happens then this is what it means.  I have not gave Him a marker yet, but I have prayed for Him to make my paths straight If He wants us to reconcile to make and easy straight path.  To send his Holy Spirit to soften Chris' heart, touch his mind and heart and fill it with much love for me.  I also asked if He want me to end this marriage to make an easy path for me to do so.

    Day 2-it's harder because he moved out.  So it was laid on my heart to send him a pizza for lunch.  I received a text saying "Thank you very much for the pizza".  my question is this should I respond?  If so what?

  • Glad you found the other part of this site.  i will reply there.  This part of the site isn't read often.

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