Hey all, I would like to share the moment when I really felt the kindness of my love! We were friends for 1 year and were casually dating all those days. I don't know. when it turned to love and everything just looks magical! I always feel like the happiest and the luckiest girl in this universe! It's just 2 weeks ago I have undergone my rhinoplasty surgery and I was completely fine and all of a sudden I came down with the irritating cold! And that was the time my mom left to Brother's place. I was all alone and Joe was the one who has been taking total care of me. He is such a sweet bf and I really really feel lucky to have him! I was totally irritated with the cold at that time and his patients really wondered me! I know, I was disturbing him like hell during those days, but he was always smiling at me by saying, "Don't worry baby.. You will be fine soon <3". Love you baby :) .