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Re: Love Dare on Ex Boyfriend

Love Dare on Ex Boyfriend

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  • Should I do love dare on ex boyfriend who is not responding to me as of 4 days ago?

  • WElcome.  Try posting under the communithy tab, under the love dare journals.  You will be read there by more people.

    This is a journey, one between you and Christ.  It will become evident to you at some point if you do the dares, one a day, no more or less, and not reading ahead in the book.  Other thatn the appendix, especially about leading the heart.

    The dares can be done on anyone, even an ex boyfiend, except the dare or two that are meant to be done between only married couples, and you will know which ones those are as you get to them later in the book.

    If you do the dares as they are to be done, you will not be dissapointed, even if he does not respond. And have no expectatons of him responding for now.

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