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Re: Married for 16 years and husband wants to separate

Married for 16 years and husband wants to separate

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  • I am desperate!  My husband of 16 years have asked me for separation.  He says he needs time but that he is not in love with me and that he never has.  We have four beautiful children ( boy-8 years old, triplets GBG 5 year old).  I take responsibility of my actions and I know that I have neglected him a lot.  I am desperate and scared of him leaving our marriage.  I started the love dare yesterday!  Please pray for us!!

  • Welcome to the community.  What you are feeling is exactly what many if not all of us on this site have felt.  Do you have the Love Dare book?  If not get it ASAP.  This will be a journey between you and Christ.  Not you and your husband.  This may not make sense to you right now but in time it will.  Christ will use your husband as a tool to mold you in His image.  And doing the dares at times will humble you.  But each dare will bring you closer to Christ.  Your husband will notice a difference in you.  He will see Christ growing stronger in you

    He will probably ignore or react negatively to you doing the dares for a period of time.  Do not worry about this.  Leave all your hurts to Christ.  In prayer find comfort in Christ.  

    try to journal in the community section, in the love dare journal section.  More people will see your posts and respond.  

    Journal often and you will get advice that will help you from others that have had Christ pull them out of the pit you feel you are in right now.

    Glad you found this site.  

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