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  • Okay, my husband said he does not want me contacting him unless it has something to do with our children.  How am I suppose to do this, I am so terrified. I love him way to much to throw in the towel and I am scared if I contact him I will just make things worse. Please help or at least pray for me!!!! 

  • Prayers for you.  Think of who you have in first place in your life.  Jesus, or your husband.  If Christ is not first, you will have anxiety, fear, etc.  When Christ is first you will experience peace, comfort, and even joy during these very trying times.  This does not mean to love your husband less.  

    Do not worry about contacting him other than when a dare requires it.  It is hard for you to imagine right now, but what is happening isn't necessarily the final chapter in all of this.  Keep with the dares and you will be so greatful you did.  Try journaling under the community tab.  More people will respond to you.  Keep with this.  You can do this with Christ on your side.  Pray, and pray more if you aren't.  You can find great peace in prayer.

  • Do your dares no more no less. Trusting in Christ and not worrying about the reactions. Very important though is do not manipulate the dares. You must trust Christ to do them as intended. Again, don't worry about what the reactions are and have no expectations.

    Even negative responses have blessings, especially when you are open to being humbled.

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