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Day 19 - Love is Impossible

Day 19 - Love is Impossible

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  • Well, Shelly is still gone, left yesterday with our daughter, and stayed at his house last night apparently due to poor weather... I saved the candle dinner from last night to reheat for tonight, but if they don't come home, I'll save it again. I have prayed a lot today for God to work in her life, and to strengthen my faith. I cleaned our kitchen today, it took a while as it has been a while since it was de-junked. My son helped, and I stayed in a pretty good mood. I have been feeling better lately since turning things over to God and doing my best not to interfere. He is working in my life, and I think she can see it when she's home. I believe this may be why she left again after only 1 night at home, as she can't justify her actions or blame me anymore.

    I also did her laundry today, and when I switched the clothes to the dryer, I found a t-shirt with the name the company he owns on it. I may have over-reacted by ripping it up and burning it. Or I may have jumped ahead to Dare #23 Love Always Protects. I may have been out of line, but to me this shirt represents sin and sin/satan no longer have a place in my home. I'm sure she'll be angry when she finds out, and I will just tell her I don't agree with it being in our home. Any advice???

  • Don't tell her. No need to. But I am sorry there still needs to be something about her taking your child to this other persons home, if it is over and she is out of your house that is one thing, but this back and forth thing is kinda like you allowing her to live in sin. I am not telling you to force her to make a choice, but it is something you need to pray about.

  • I confronted her last night about taking our daughter there and teaching her it's okay to commit sins. I also explained to my daughter and son that I have sinned many times in my life, and I will answer for my sins someday. I then told them that what my wife is doing is sin and isn't okay or right. I said it is bad even though things seem nice whe n they are with him. My wife got angry and said I was preaching to her and attacking her. I told her I was not judging and that God hate the sin but loves the sinner unconditionally. I've prayed a lot and went to church today with our children, wife declined to go. I will write more about this on next post. I am steadfast in my faith, and am not letting her use me as a scapegoat anymore to justify her behavior. I continue to love her.

  • Commit to praying for Gods will in her life.

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