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Love Dare 19

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  • The ones that looked impossible was day 1, 6, & 13. I didnt think that i could be so humbled and unselfish. Early on I realized I needed to let God change my heart more and He has. 

    I thought I was unconditionally loving but wasnt. I loved when he acted right and my mood was right. Now i find myself loving him no matter what the situation, attitude, or words he says to me. Even when he doesnt tell me he loves me back.

    I have been shown where i stand with God is still not where he wants me. God wants me to love Him more and trust Him more.

    I see now how my marriage was a reflection of my relationship with God.

    It was very unstable and wishy washy back & forth.

    I need to spend more time with God, in prayer, reading His word, and praising him & thanking him.

    I need to fall in love with God again, the way I am falling in love with my husband unconditionally.


  • Get things right with Christ first. Everything else will come.

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