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Re: Dust237 Day 19: Love Is Impossible

Dust237 Day 19: Love Is Impossible

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  • God is telling me to be ovedient to him and to live his will (as provided in the bible). He wants me to love my wife no matter what, to the end. Right now my heart is filled with the joy of God's love for me. At the same time a lot of hurt and pain from my wife. It is very difficult to continue each day, but evertime I think I can't take anymore, I somehow make it through another day. I feel completely empty yet completely filled inside. I wish I had come to this realization 3 yrs ago, even 3 weeks ago. Maybe my wife sould still be willing to work it out.

  • You are battling the flesh... This is a good thing because you are growing in Christ. Seek Him and allow Him to mold you. You will find what you have been looking for

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