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Re: it just humbles you...

it just humbles you...

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  • Todays dare was like going to meet with God and i was just crying as i read the dare.

    I did ask God to show me who I am and where I sit in eternity.

    The answer I got was that I am unable to do anything with out Him and that i need to be eternally minded.

    When i got home after church, I had such a heavy sleep come over me.

    I did not want to talk to any one, i turned the phone off and just let the awsome awareness of God take over me.


  • Putting margin in your life just for Christ will give you the comfort He so desires. Find other areas where you can do the same

  • I'm sorry to hijack your post Manorah.  My computer won't allow me to post normally.

    For todays dare, when I asked I had the vision of myself on my tummy at Jesus's feet.  It was so humbling.  I wasn't even on my knees, but on my tummy.  Quite a sobering thought.

  • Now you need to seek out Christ and allow Him to take over. Leave the control with Him

  • It just occured to me before that I resent God at times.  This came about because I was thinking to myself,  it's (his issues are)  between my husband and God.  Then the thought came to me that  it's (my issues are) between myself and God.  That thought has floored me.  

    I grew up in an abusive household.  As a result I've taken on some addictive behaviours.  The addictions have changed over the years ranging from drinking, over-exercising, co-dependency amongst other things to now being over-eating.  I had been receiving help for this via the program overeaters anonymous as well as taking part in adult children of alcoholics and al-anon meetings.  It was through one of these meetings I heard about the movie fireproof.  A few weeks back I watched it on my own as my husband works away.  At the end of it I found out about the book.  Since starting the dares I have had wonderful progress.  My husband and I were talking better.  We just had the best weekend together  we've had in a long time.

    Now like I mentioned at the start I'm realising I still hold resentments toward God about how I grew up.  When I saw my parents, about a week into this program, the anxieties were still there.  My eating has been out of control since then.  I'm trying to get it back under control but so far hasn't been successful.  I've stopped attending the meetings as I was feeling so good following these dares but maybe I need to still work my other programs as well.

    It looks like it'll be another night on my knees, praying for help through all these unresolved issues.

  • Don't resent Christ for your past. Praise Him for it. This is your story, and soon part of your testimony. Look where He got you to be and as you grow in His love you will be such a testimony to those you come across each day. Christ is preparing you through this journey... YOU have purpose!

  • Thank you for your reply Sean.  Your words are uplifting.

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