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Re: IT is feeling very impossible right now!

IT is feeling very impossible right now!

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  • I feel like I am growing with God.  but am losing my husband.  He talks of nothing but divorce and what it will be like and dating other people and everything.  My heart clenches every time he says something like that.  I want to give up.  I want to tell him to quit calling and coming by.  I want to just be done with all this pain.  I won't....but I want to.  I can't fix this by myself and I know that but I feel so helpless and on some days very hopeless.  Everything seems impossible right now.  I couldn't do dare 18 because we don't live together and he won't go on a date.  I greet him every morning with a text saying have a great day and I love you.  No response, ever.  I know that I am not to have expecations but its hard to look at the phone and see no response.  I need peace in my heart to let things go and not think negatively.   Please Lord, grant me peace to continue on this journey with you, please continue to open my eyes to my selfish ways, please continue to work in J's heart.  these things I pray in your name, Amen.

  • Keep going! You can do it! Ask Christ to help you. You are coming to the part in the journey were many of the dares are focused more on Christ and your relationship with Him. Take time these next couple of days to really focus on what the dares are telling you. This is your time to really turn to Christ for every need: love, acceptance, joy, happiness, and peace. When you feel like giving up or find yourself feeling hurt by your husband, tell Christ that you are laying it at His feet and you are turning to Him for all your needs. Don't let your mind "wander". Stay focused on Christ!!!

    You made me laugh when you said, "Everything seems impossible right now." Did you notice that you wrote that and your dare for today is, "love is impossible." It is impossible for you to love your husand the way God intented for you to if you do not have Him first in your life. I'm working on this with you. Sean says it all the time - "love Christ first to love your spouse better!"

  • Summer,

    each and everytime these things happen that hurt you, Christ is molding you. To continue you must be humbled etc... Smile, Christ is working in you every minute.

    Soon you will see that there is never a reason to feel helpless when you have Christ.

    If you are having expectations on seeing something on your phone, stop... Just do the dares, nothing more, nothing less. The texts do not need to be done. His eyes will open when they stop. Remember just the dares and only focus on your journey with Christ.

    One thing... Remember, we have a jealous God. If you are still puttting your husband before Him, then there is still a problem. You heart should hurt for Christ first. Just as Christs heart is hurting for you.

  • How can you get beyond the pain and hurt?  I try praying and asking God to mold me and help me. When things start to look up, like maybe his heart is changing he will say to me again that it is over and we are done.  But then call me and tell me he loves me.  What do I do with this?   How can it be so back and forth, up and down. Does he really love me?  If you love someone this is not how you treat them.  This is not what it should be like to love someone!  The constant pain is making everything I have always believed false.  I just want my family back.  Lord, please help me!

  • Ok summer. We have all been where you are, and I promise you, if you stay faithful to what the Lord is leading you to do, eventually the hurt and pain will start to fade. He will be the one that fills every void, gives you all of your happiness and joy. He will give you a peace that is not even imaginable. I'm on round 4, I'm just starting to feel all of it, but I promise, the many days of hurt and pain, were all blessings. They got me to where I need to be. You need to feel the hurt and pain sometimes for Chirst to mold you.

    This journey is literally like a rollercoaster, at least that is my journey. I will go a week or so feeling so great and happy, and then all of a sudden, BAM something else happens to knock me down. I no longer look at those times as "bad times" though. Before, I would cry out to the Lord and say why is this happening, why me? Now, I thank the Lord for these trials and tribulations because I know that Christ is molding me and taking me to the next level.

    I must say, and I'm sorry if this seems mean, but the reason you feel this way is selfishness. We are all selfish, so it is okay, but when you say, "This is not what it should be like to love someone." Well unfortunately, it is. You are to love your husband as Christ loves you. No expections. Not expecting anything in return. Think about what Chirst did for you and me. He loves you NO MATTER WHAT! This is the love that He is giving you to share with your husband and every person in your life.

    I will tell you one thing that really helped me. The whole Love Dare is about loving as Christ does, but I needed more. I went through the Bible one day and looked up as many different scriptures as I could on Christs love. I took notes and decided at that moment on, that no matter what, no matter how awful my husband treated me, no matter how many times he tells me that he doesn't love me anymore, I'm choosing to love as Christ does. And something funny, when you start looking up these scriptures, you will see how the Love Dare book came to be.

    I hope this helps. If you ever need someone to just talk to I'm more than happy. You can send me a personal message.


  • The Lord wants you as much as you want your family. Christ must come first. Remember, we have a jealous God....

    Focus on this journey and allow Christ to mold you. It will become a testimony to those around you including and especially your husband.

    You cannot do it alone anymore. Love Christ first to love him better!

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