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Re: Round 3 - Day 99

Round 3 - Day 99

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  • God wants me. He is calling my name loud and clear. He wants more from me. He wants to be my everything. He wants to fill every void I have. He wants to be the one that gives me my happiness and joy. He wants to me to cry out to Him. He wants me to run to Him. He wants me to stop resisting and to just allow Him to fill me with His Love. He wants me to be hidden in Him so He can shine through me for all to see His love. He wants to pour His love out unto me.

    I want God. I call out His name loud and clear. I want more from Him. He is my everything. I want Him to take all my hurt, pain, and worries away. I turn to Him for my acceptance, happiness, and joy. I cry out to Him. I run to Him. I'm letting go. HE IS MY EVERYTHING!!!

    I love this Dare. It puts everything right back into perspective for me. My eyes are focused on Him and nothing is impossible with Him by my side!

  • Now take that testimony and share it with others... Let that shine through you each and every day.

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