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Day 19: Love is Impossible

The Love Dare

Today's Dare

Look back over the dares from previous days.  Were there some that seemed impossible to you?  Have you realized your need for God to change your heart and to give you the ability to love?  Ask Him to how you where you stand with Him, and ask for the strength and grace to settle your eterenal destination.

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  • otty-beaner's journal

    Day 19

    4-3-10 I believe God is testing my heart to see if it is really true and changed. He has given me peace in the last few days and it has allowed me to look...
  • Jayne_Smith's journal

    I'm back in!

    whew! I needed that break! But I'm back in with both feet and FEELING God's love more than ever!! God has given me so many signs - big and small...
  • Jayne_Smith's journal

    I'm Postponing my Love Dare

    WOW - the background for Day 19 stopped me cold. I REALLY need to re-evaluate my motives. I can TRULY identify with the statement: You may be convinced...
  • lwoods

    Day 19: Love is impossible

    July 23, 2009 Let us love one another, for love is from God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. —1 John 4:7 TODAY’S DARE Look back over...
  • rkbixby

    Day 19... Impossible without Him

    Today in The Love Dare is a day of reflection, inventory and spiritual appraisal. Day 19 was a little different this time from the first time I took the...
  • jmemccurdy

    Empty on love

    What was I thinking going into this believing it was possible to love my husband with my strength? What was I thinking when I thought it would be easy...
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