So today I'm suppose to offer to make him dinner or take him out so that I can focus on getting to know him better. Since my son has a football game out of town today I can't exactly make a good dinner or take him out so I offered to make him something for his bday or take him out which is this Saturday. I told him to let me know. Not sure he will answer back on this as he's still not really talking to me. This was hard to do as rejection is hard for me but I'm getting better, stronger. My first thought was negative about this dare but then I remembered that God to gives us options and although we may let Him down, reject Him many times over He still never stops loving me and offering to answer my prayers. So I went through and put the offer out there so at least I know I tried and now the rest is up to God to work on him while I sit still, do nothing more but nothing less than the dare.