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Day 58 - Love Seeks to Understand

Day 58 - Love Seeks to Understand

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  • We had a very full house today!  Our niece and nephew were there, along with our daughter, and my husband’s dad stayed home with us all day.  The day was full and silly.  The kids were all bickering, and playing jokes on one another (including my husband).  It was just a good feeling in the house.  They all played Wii all morning, and my husband made plans to take everyone on base to go bowling.  We all waited around for him to decide when to go.  He decided that it would be too difficult to get the older kids on base without their IDs, so we changed plans to go see a movie instead. 

    We took everyone to go see a movie and out to eat afterwards.  When we got home, my mother in law and sister in law came over, and we all watched another movie.  My daughter stayed upstairs and watched a movie of her own.  My husband’s plan had been to go over to a neighbor’s house after everyone left in the evening.  He ended up not going over there after they all left, but we sat upstairs together and visited and watched another movie.  He opened up to me about how he was still angry at his dad for not waiting for him to come home before going to the fair on Thursday night, as well as how annoyed he got at all the bickering between the kids and himself.  I told him that I thought he was in a really good mood all day and seemed to be enjoying himself.  He let me know that it was all just for show and he was angry with all of them. 

    I went outside for a few minutes and spent some quiet time with God.  I prayed again for peace in my husband’s heart.  I don’t think that my husband even understands why he’s so angry all of the time.  He was angry with my daughter for treating him the same way he was treating our niece this weekend.  Everything was getting to him.  I prayed for his heart to soften to Christ. 

    I did not get to fulfill the dare.  We did not have a chance to have a quiet dinner.  I will fill it later in the week.  I am thankful that he opened up about his anxiety of his family all being around.  Although I don’t agree with the way he was acting or handling himself, he’s always just kept those feelings inside.

  • Instead of praying for his heart to soften, pray for Gods will in his life. praying fr a soften heart can be a selfish prayer,

  • Sean, I think I'm taking that advice and applying it myself. I too had been praying for my wife's heart to be softened. Never really thought about it as being selfish, but I see how it can be a bit selfish, especially if I want it to result in her being more forgiving or accepting of my potential for change. Praying for God's will in her life is definitely not selfish since any possibly benefit to me would only come from His will and not mine. Your input is definitely a blessing to us Sean. I am so glad He steered me over to this site, as I feel it's definitely something that will help get me through my marriage and close to Him.

  • Yes, use that advice... In fact take time and read my journals. I believe it will help you in many ways.

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