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Day 18: Love Seeks to Understand

Day 18: Love Seeks to Understand

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  • So Shelly got home last night after being gone for almost a week and a half. Things were onkay last night. I came home early from work to spend time with her today to fulfill Dare #14. When I got home, I pretty moch was given the silent treatment and after a couple hours, Shelly left with our 8 year old daughter to go get coffee (I think it was to go see "him"). Just as I was starting to make our candle light dinner, she texted me and said they were going out to eat. I went right on with cooking dinner, fed our son, I didn't eat as I was waiting for her. I then prepared the table complete with table cloth, candles, and flowers. I put our plates and appetizer down and covered them to wait for her arrival. I am hoping she lets me know when she's on her way home so I can heat everything up and light the candles. I started leafing through the bible and read Colossians 3:12-17, Romans 8:28, and Philippians 4:6-9. I have faith that doing the dares as led by Christ, that I am doing the right thing. I am not getting discouraged that they seem to have no affect on Shelly, I just pray for the Lord's will to be completed through me.

  • So in addition to the above, Shelly asks a lot of questions to me regarding my work schedule, and gets very upset if I ask why she needs to know... She said she doesn't want to justify her questions, even though I believe it is to facilitate going to see "him". I was hoping to go shopping this weekend for our son's birthday and I'm not sure if she will. I have decided that if she leaves, I will go by myself and put my family first. I am trying my best not to get upset, and have been praying for His peace and love to fill my heart and mind. Any advice would be appreciated...

  • Troubles... Mr thoughts were correct. Shelly took our daughter to see him and now says they aren't coming home until tomorrow due to bad rain and fog... It's like she's using every excuse she can to justify her actions. I know I can't choose her actions, but would prefer that my daughter isn't subjected to this. I will pray for them both and that they are safe. I continue to pray for Shelly's heart and soul. I am also praying for my own peace as I can feel my anxiety and frustration mounting...

  • They have an effect on her, but she will not let you know that. Remember Christ has her on a conviction stand. But you need to leave it to Him

  • Best advice... Focus on Christ. And talk with her in a mature loving kind way that you are not concerned with her actions and it is her choice. However your daughter cannot be placed into this right now and she should not take her daughter to see this guy.

    She is teaching your daughter it is ok to live a life of adultery and sin. You must protect that. But do it in a Christ like way.

  • I received the same advice last night from a friend who's been helping me strengthen my faith. I am praying about how to approach this with my wife...

  • Does she want her children to think it is ok to do these things when they grow up? Will she one day see that her own children will realize what she is doing? It will all make sense to them one day no matter what she tells them.

    And you as a parent cannot allow your children to be put on this roller coaster that is not acceptable.

    And honestly I am wondering how much of this is your wife's way of trying to do it out of spite against you.l.

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