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Day 18

Day 18

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  • I knew that at this time, I couldn’t do this dare with just the two of us.  Our daughter would have to be there.  I prayed about this the morning of the dare, and felt like having her there would still fulfill what needed to be done.  Right now, my husband is much more open when she’s around as a buffer.  She’s our comic relief when things are uncomfortable!

    I made dinner for the two of them using some ground beef that he asked to be cooked as soon as possible.  Not such a big deal to most families, but I don’t eat red meat.  Whenever he buys it, I make every excuse not to cook it, and it is always thrown away.  We had a nice sit down dinner, and I asked some of the questions from the book.  I couldn’t remember many of them, so I improvised the best I could.  I made them questions that both he and our daughter could answer.  She loved it and really got him more involved in the conversation!  I even learned a couple of things.  I kept the conversation very light.  We never discussed anything about either of us personally, but just went through some of our likes/dislikes and things we’d like to do.  The conversation never turned to me, but that was great!  I was able to focus completely on the two of them.  When our daughter left the table, he even continued to answer a couple more questions.  I praise God for the opportunity to get to know both of them (and Him) just a little better through this dare.

  • Here is one for you. Don't avoid cooking red meat if your husband prefers it. You have your reasons he has his... What a way to really show you love him!

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